Marketing and Sales Tips for Beauty Salons

When you can reopen you will need to adjust your beauty salon to the new marketing and sales world. COVID-19 and all the cautions we have been taking so far have brought new routines into our personal and business life. This is a new phase and a new era that we’re entering and this is quite exciting!

You may have already heard or may have noticed in your buying behaviours something is changing and we’re getting accustomed to online shopping day by day. In other words, from now on people, without considering the age factor, will be likely to do their shopping online or want to see a strong online presence before trust to a business.

This is a great opportunity for all of the business owners to focus on their online platforms and come up with an efficient business strategy to uplift their online presence. There is a lot to get done but it’s well worth effort. Here are some great and easy to implement marketing and sales ideas for beauty businesses. 

It’s your time to look forward, work hard and take the benefit of this new digital world!

Reopening or Grand Opening

Treat your reopening as a special event. The more effort and care you put on your reopening the more your client will feel safe and feel comfortable making an appointment.  So make it memorable and fun. Use your social media platforms to show your excitement on your reopening and engage with your clients/followers by hearing their thoughts about your reopening.


Record a Welcome Back Video

Videos are golden! People prefer to watch it instead of reading it. You should consider recording a welcome back video and tour your space on camera. This is a great way to remind yourself and your business. Also you will show that you are ready for having your customers back.


Catch Up With Your Clients

Start chatting with your clients if you haven’t done yet. It’s good to find out how are they doing and let them know about your reopening. There are branded email or text message options for business, however, you may choose to reach out to your clients one by one to make this catch-up step effective and unique. 


Create a VIP Client List

It is time to create a VIP Client List! You may have a segment of clients that are big spenders and loyal to you and your service. Think about reaching out to them first.


Update Your Website 

It is great to have Instagram and Facebook accounts but you can’t uplift your business without a website. No matter how big or small your business is you should have a website to promote your business and distinguish your business from the competitors. Keep in mind that customers do their search on Google, not on Instagram or Facebook. Having a working website is the first step to rank your business on Google. Your website will help you to connect with new customers and will build credibility. Plus, once you have your website you can use your social media platforms more effectively and you can start running paid ads for customer acquisition. 

Building a new website is not as challenging and as expensive as you think. There are platforms such as WordPress, Wix.com and Shopify, which doesn’t require specific knowledge on website generation or marketing. 

If you have a website already make sure you’ve updated all the information before you reopen your business.


Get Your Salon Visible on the Search Results

You want your salon to show up on Google Search when a potential customer types ‘salon near me’. First things first you need your website up to date and running properly. Second, you need to register your business into Google My Business. Registering to Google My Business is free (click here to register), however, you need to fill out information for your business to get optimum benefit from GMB.


Review and Update Your Service Menu

If you’ve learned new beauty techniques during this quarantine make sure you add the new service into your service menu. Use your social media platforms to promote your new services. Try to excite your followers with some teaser posts and content in advance. Once you feel you’ve got people’s attention, let them know about the newly added service. You can offer your new service with a special time offer to increase your number of customers.

It is never late to learn new techniques, add more on your service list and increase your profit. Click here to check out our upcoming courses.


Share Your New Pricing With Your Clients In Advance

There are safety and sanitizing rules we need to strictly follow to provide the best service to our customers. It requires additional disposable tools and extra time for the disinfecting procedure. While it is generally not encouraged to offer dynamic pricing, all these changes may increase your daily expenses and eventually you may need to review your service price. We encourage you to run through all your expenses prior to reopening and come up with a proper pricing strategy in advance. Make sure you let your customers know about your new pricing and update your pricing list on your digital platforms.


Run a Reopening Contest On Social Media

I don’t live giveaways – said no one ever! People love giveaways and it is a great promotional tool to grow your followers and gain new customers. Following your reopening, consider running a contest on your social media accounts. The giveaway can be a free full set of eyelash extensions or any service you want to promote first.


First-Time Visit Special

Gaining new clients is fundamental to grow your business and your profit. Offering a special discount for new clients will keep them coming back. You can give a First-Time Visit Special to all new clients.


Monthly Specials

Have one service discounted each month. This will help you to promote your services and draw in clients looking for that specific service.


Referral Discounts

Did you know that when people are looking for a new product or a service they tend to ask their family members and their friends? We are likely to trust people’s ideas that we are acquainted with. Therefore your referral discount will help you to gain new customers following your reopening.


Loyalty Programs

Keeping new customers is quite cheaper than gaining new customers. VIP customers should have some privileges such as a VIP card or a loyalty program. You can offer X% off from each service to your loyal customers. 


Build Email and Text Campaigns

Email or Text Campaigns are great ways to keep your clientele updated about your campaigns. Send emails or text messages to your customers regularly to keep in touch with them. 


Final Thoughts On Beauty Salon Marketing

Hopefully after reading this article you got some ideas about how to adjust your business marketing strategy to this new era. 

We are interested to hear your thoughts and your tricks on beauty salon marketing and reopening procedure. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected]