Expectations & Realities From An Entrepreneur’s Life

Today, I want to talk about expectations & realities of becoming an entrepreneur. Let’s call a spade a spade. It is not always rainbows and butterflies, but it is also true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Frankly, I need to say that at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey there may be a gap between your expectations & realities. At the beginning of your entrepreneur life you shouldn’t dream about fewer hours working and a high amount of money coming in. The fact is that most entrepreneurs work more than 9 hours a day in the beginning and the following years. No worries if you set your expectations as real, and if you know that stress is a part of this (most entrepreneurs welcome stress as we work well under pressure) you will always find a way to get stronger and enjoy the ride!


Okay, let me tell you what I’ve been through recently and how I coped with my stress and when I realized acknowledging stress levels is very important. In the summer I realized that I was losing a handful of hair every day. At first I thought it was a temporary period that comes with seasonal change but when it wasn’t stopping I went to the doctor with a diagnosis of …. Stress!! Stress showed its face as hair loss.


This summer was also jam-packed for me with the intense training schedule, and I needed to move into a new house before my daughter starts her new school. I’ve been travelling to two (sometimes three:)) different cities in a week and coming back to home at weekends to spend mom & daughter time. Travelling, teaching, doing lashes and brows and moving to a new place, I just couldn’t make enough time for relaxation and some me-time. Hair-loss was a signal that I have had too much stress for too long and I needed to reduce the stress level of my life instantly.


How I Cope With Stress?


What I initially did was accepting all as it was. I had to admit that too many things were going on, and my body was sending me messages to stop a little and to breathe in and out. Also, I acknowledged that now I have less hair, but still, I’m as beautiful as before. Than I ran to the hairdresser to put some glitter on my crown.

If you are an entrepreneur, be ready to work everywhere.

As I said, if you are an entrepreneur, be ready to work anytime and anywhere; even while you are adding some sparkles on your crown 🙂

What are The Other Ways to Cope With Stress?

Every entrepreneur has a different method to cope with stress. Either your solution can be creative as trying a new thing in your life, yoga, hiking, reading or it can be simple as having a night out with your friends or having a long weekend off.  You can always get some coaching if the source of stress is coming from a severe problem within business as well.