Networking In The Beauty Industry

Your exclusive networking guide to shine bright in the beauty industry.


Success isn’t overnight in the beauty industry, and it is not a final. You need to work more persistently to protect your earnings and to move a step further.

Becoming extremely successful in the beauty industry is not a well-kept secret. There are tricks and techniques you should instantly apply to your business and #networking is one of them.

Networking is a never outdated technique in the business world. It is a great business activity where two parties can gain mutual benefits and develop a long-term relationship. This is also valid in the beauty sector. Networking allows you access to opportunities you might be unable to find on your own. Likewise, your network has the potential to provide you with new trends in the industry.


Why Networking Is Important To Your Success?


When networking has done well, it will provide a competitive edge to you throughout your career in the beauty industry. Once you succeed to create long-term mutually beneficial relationships with your peers you’ll see that new opportunities to enhance your business will appear constant. You will be the one who hears and shares the recent trends and will genuinely enjoy the advantages of being the first mover. 

If you’re new to networking and don’t know how to start, just keep reading. Pick one of the key tactics which makes you feel more comfortable and discover the potential benefits of networking.


Meet with The Beauty Professionals In Your Area


First and foremost get to know your local community and connect with other beauty professionals in your area. Use Google Maps to discover your city and don’t hesitate to connect them via email or on social media. 

You’ve already started your networking in school. The instructors you’ve met and the fellow students are already in your social network. Try to catch up with them to start off building a strong relationship. 

Use your contacts! We all have a huge number of friends on our FB and IG. Do we really know all of them quite well? Carefully go over your friends list to find out if some of them are in the beauty industry as you are.


Beauty Networking Events


Attending beauty networking events and grand openings are one of the best ways to extend your network and hear from other professionals. Any beauty trend whether it is a workshop, conference or a trade-show can be used as a beauty networking event. Chances are you will hear about new trends in the industry and meet with professionals who you may collaborate with to start offering new services in your salon – or basically, you can monitor the industry and discover new areas to add new skills.

If you’re thinking about where to find the networking events, try simply google the beauty events around your area. You can also search for some events on Facebook. When it comes to events and workshops Eventbrite is a great source to find affordable and sometimes free tickets. 


Business Cards


Before online business has become crucial business cards were doing pretty much the same job. They were the significant elements of networking and the major source of contact. Even though we all have social media platforms, you shouldn’t desist from carrying a bunch of your business cards in your purse and giving it away to the people you meet.

A very critical point of the business card is the design of if. We are in an industry where everything about aesthetics. So our business card must be high in aesthetic, attractive and eye-catching. You can receive some help from your local designing agencies, or you can do it by yourself via Vista Print, Canva at an affordable price. 


Social Media


Social media platforms can be extraordinary tools for expanding your contacts. First thing first you should build a social presence by creating business accounts under your beauty business’s name. There are plenty of different social platforms but not all of them may work for you. You can maximize the potential of Facebook and Instagram in the beauty business by posting quality content and engaging with other beauty businesses. 

Once you’ll develop beneficial relationships with other beauty business owners by networking, the next step can be building a referral campaign where both businesses offer special prices to each other’s clients. Another great idea can be organizing a huge giveaway on social media with multiple beauty companies’ contributions. Since each participant company will offer a gift the effect of the campaign will be huge on social media and each business can grow their followership.


Networking Is A Two-Way Street


Keep this mind that networking should provide mutual benefits and there should be a win-win. You shouldn’t expect to only take from the person you’re networking. You should give something in return. 

When you make the right connection, some of the groundwork is done for you. This means you keep your name out there and expand your area of influence. You may be the best in what you’re doing but without networking, people can’t know you and your talents.