How Much Money Do Eyelash Extension Technicians Make In A Year?

What if I tell you I bought my first high-end car with the money I earned through offering eyelash extension service only? It is good to be true! It is possible to upgrade your own lifestyle with just one beauty skill. A considerable number of people out there are uplifting their standard of living by taking an eyelash extension course and starting a lash business.

Being an eyelash extension artist is an exciting and glamorous career. It enables you to help others with their beauty routine and elevate your lifestyle as quickly as possible. Undoubtedly, starting a new career is pretty frightening in the first place. Every sole entrepreneur has been there. They’ve been fighting against the fearful thoughts of failing. However, eyelash extension is one of the safest and profitable industries that you can at least give it a try without overthinking. The money eyelash extension technicians make is mind-blowing. On top of that, you will barely spend 8% of your earnings on the lash supplies since they are quite affordable. 


Do You Need Education To Become An Eyelash Extension Technician?


One of the advantages of this profitable industry is you don’t need a college degree or experience. All you need to do is take a course, practice, practice and practice!

Eyelash extension is more hands-on and practical work than theory and research. You should keep in mind that each lash and eyes are unique. So you’ll gain experience and profession on the way by growing your clientele and giving dramatic lashes to the people with different expectations.


How To Choose The Best Academy To Get Certified On Eyelash Extension?


Certification is super important for any skills you work on your clients’ faces! I can’t stress the importance enough of getting certified from a training academy that has a reputation in the industry. The course will help you to learn the best technique, plus it will make you and your business eligible for insurance. You wouldn’t want to perform your art without any insurance cover since we all want to establish our empire on a solid foundation.

We’re honoured to be the only reputable training academy recognized by insurance companies who prefer to ensure certified professionals that are certified by Cosmopolitan Academy Inc. 

I would also recommend prospective students to go with a training academy that offers Unlimited Free Follow Up courses. In this way, you will feel less rushed. You will always have the opportunity to go back to class and go over the theory and practice with your instructor. Once you soak up the technique, you will start experiencing how rewarding the eyelash extension industry is.


How Much Money Can You Make As An Eyelash Extension Technician?


Ladies and gentlemen’s here is the part we all get excited about. Let’s take the lid off. How much money does an eyelash extension technician make in a year? Before we jump into their income I would like to highlight that this income chart is just an average income for beginner eyelash stylists. You may earn way more than this or slightly less. Also, the money you will make can change according to the number of clients you accept in a day, your experience, your price and the location you are in. 

Full set of eyelash extension service price changes between $90 to $300 in Canada. Typically classic lashes are the most affordable one. The mega volume lashes are the most expensive and more skilled services. Therefore mega volume lashes must be the most expensive lash service in your price menu. When it comes to refills its price, start from $50 and hit $180. Every two or three weeks your clients need to come and see you get their lashes done. Since you are dealing with less amount of lashes, the time you are going to oblige will be less as well. 


Weekly, Monthly and Annual Income For Beginner Eyelash Extension Technicians

As same as every other eyelash extension technician, you will give both full sets and refills. Let’s say your full set lash price average is $120 and you typically give 4 full sets in a week. In addition, you have 10 refill clients each week from $75.

As you can clearly see you can easily make 64K with your small group of clientele as a beginner. Keep in mind that tips are not included in this calculation. 

One major mistake you should avoid as a beginner technician must be charging higher than the average. Once your technique gets flawless and your speed increases then you can increase your price and your profit. 


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