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Practicing beauty treatment is my passion. While I was in high school, I voluntarily went to the Sylvie Hennessy Academy of Esthetics & Spa Therapies after school and on weekends. I eagerly started manicuring nails when I was 16 years old and began working in spas when I was 17.  You would probably expect me […]

Frequently Asked Questions About The BBGlow Treatment and Course           1. What is BBGlow Facials?       Is a medical grade BBGlow cream that treats the skin while covering imperfections.       2. What are its Benefits? BBGlow/Glass Skin treatment improves your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. […]

Without flawless skin, you can’t complete your makeup! More than that, the BBGlow benefits are not only limited to the long-lasting foundation effect; I am talking about healthy skin with fewer wrinkles and skin conditions. Most importantly, you won’t need a filter anymore and feel free to use #nomakeup in any of your pictures after […]