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Light UV LED Eyelash  Training Course

Take Our Graceful Spotlight Light UV LED Eyelash Training Course As Many Times As Necessary To Gain Full Confidence At No Additional Charge.

Learn Light UV LED Eyelash Training Course From Cosmopolitan Beauty Academy. Training Certifications Include Kits and Machine.

Cosmopolitan Academy is pleased to introduce a brand new state of the art technology that will change the lash industry as we know it! Light UV LED Eyelashes are the world’s newest and latest method for eyelash application. 

Light UV LED Eyelash training course involve a new one of a kind adhesive and the Spotlight curing device which works to cure the adhesive in as little as 2 seconds! 

  • Light UV LED Eyelash Training Course 
  • Online Certification Course
  • Beauty Industry Marketing Course Included

This is an Advanced Course. Existing Certification is Highly Recommended. No Refunds.

Benefits to Graceful Spotlight Lashes

Light LED Eyelash Training Course - Cosmopolitan Academy


Spotlight Lashes Adhesive creates a stronger more flexible bond than traditional lash glue that can tolerate water, steam, oils, creams, and even makeup!

Light LED Eyelash Training Course - Cosmopolitan Academy


The instant cure of Spotlight Lashes Adhesive results in zero glue fumes! Making it a safer and less irritating process for your clients as well as a perfect alternative for those with known allergies to typical lash glues.

Light LED Eyelash Training Course - Cosmopolitan Academy


Spotlight Lashes cure in seconds which means that you can go through a lash set quicker without waiting for extensions to dry thus preventing any stickies during application!

Course Syllabus

  • Online
  1. Course Overview
  2. Eyelash Extension Fundamental Review
  3. What are Spotlight Lashes?
  4. What makes Spotlight Lashes Different?
  5. Spotlight Lash Technology
  6. What is the Spotlight Device?
  7. Light Spectrum Scale
  8. LED Technology
  9. What is the Spotlight Device
  10. How to Set Up Your Spotlight Device
  11. Spotlight Lashes vs Traditional Lashes
  12. Overhead Lighting Requirements
  13. Spotlight Safey Facts
  14. Heat and Humidity
  15. What Makes Spotlight Lashes last Longer?
  16. What Makes Spotlight Lashes Quicker?
  17. Profit/Revenue
  18. Eyelash Growth Cycle
  19. Immbobilizing the Eyes
  20. Assess Your Client
  21. Patch Tests
  22. Eye Conditions
  23. How Spotlight Lashes Can Prevent Allergies
  24. Insurance
  25. Creating The Desired Look
  26. Eye Shapes
  27. Choosing the Right Length and Thickness
  28. Lash Mapping Styles
  29. Preparing The Client
  30. Applying The Under Eye Pads
  31. Immobilizing The Eye
  32. Spotlight Lash Adhesive Control
  33. Using and Caring for The Spotlight Lash Adhesive
  34. Selection and Placement
  35. Spotlight Lash Application and Curing
  36. Spotlight Lash Removal
  37. Volume Fanning with The Spotlight System
  38. Proper Set Up
  39. Proper Tear Down
  40. Insurance
  41. Contraindications
  42. Client Consultayion/Waiver Forms
  43. Professional Supplier Recommendations

Beauty Industry Marketing Course Included ($999 Value)

Hands-on training and model session available for in-class and hybrid classes only.

What’s Included With Your Course?

  • Professional Grade Supplier Information Included
  • Graceful Spotlight Lash Certification
    $1099 Value
  • Unlimited Access To Senior Instructors $300 Per Hour Value
  • Beauty Industry Marketing Course$999 Value
  • Free Access To 1 Hr Business Mentorship Zoom Session With CEO$499 Value
  • Take The Course As Many Times As Necessary At No Charge
    $1099 Value +

Online no kit $1099 $699 CAD

  • or 4 interest-free payments of $174.75 with Sezzle
  • Unlimited Replay of Theory/Videos
  • Avg Student Takes 1 Week To Complete
  • Lifetime Access With New Material Added Quarterly
  • Certification is Immediate Upon Completion


0% Financing Available – Get Approved In 30 Seconds!


How come more people can use Graceful Spotlight Lashes?

We have a more than 50% success rate with clients who had previous allergies or sensitivity to traditional lash glues. One reason is that in some cases, the clients are not allergic to the cyanoacrylate but to the stabilizers in the glue. Our Spotlight adhesive has different stabilizers than traditional adhesives which potentially lessens the chance of an allergic reaction.

Can I use my own Lash Glues with the Spotlight Method?

No, the spotlight only activates curable adhesives, such as our Spotlight adhesive.

Can I use my own Lash Extensions with the Graceful Spotlight Method?

Yes, spotlight adhesive is compatible with all conventional eyelash extensions in both Classic and Volume methods.

Why make a Spotlight Adhesive?

Conventional lash adhesives stay in liquid form longer the spotlight adhesive is in a liquid state while bottled but when activated by light its molecules form a strong, polymerized, cross-link network. The spotlight form of the glue is softer and more flexible than traditional adhesives. This makes it more comfortable to wear and longer lasting.

Are There Temperature and Humidity Requirements?


Can I Increase my Service Prices using the Graceful Spotlight Lash Service?

Yes! Graceful Spotlight Lashes improves lash retention increasing the value of your service.

What Happens Once I Register?

Exclusive Benefits for Cosmopolitan Students

  • Take The Course As Many Times As Necessary To Gain Full Confidence At No Additional Charge
  • Beauty Industry Marketing Course Included With Registration
  • Professional Grade Kits
  • Globally Recognized Certification That Is Accepted By All Major Insurance Companies
  • Unlimited Access To Senior Instructors
  • Certification Is Immediate Upon Successful Course Completion
  • 15% Off Future Supplies Exclusive Promotional Code
  • Referral Program – Receive $50 Cash For Every Referral Sent By You 
  • Unlimited Access To Senior Instructor
  • Free Access To One Hour Business Mentorship Zoom Session With CEO

Potential Income for Graceful Spotlight Lashes

Number of Clients per WeekAverage Weekly IncomeAverage Annual Income

** Gratuities not included

What Our Students Think

We are the only reputable training academy recognized by insurance companies who prefer to insure certified professionals that are certified by Cosmopolitan Academy Inc.

Students/technicians are responsible for obtaining information on their local rules and regulations for licensing and permits before offering services.

Deposits / payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE

Multiple Course Registrations Will Include Only One PMU Machine

Must Have Portable Massage Table For Hybrid And In Class Courses

Must Provide Own Model For Hybrid And In Class Courses

NOTE: $100 re-scheduling fee for a course date change with up to 2 weeks notice. Any changes within 2 weeks of your scheduled course will result in a $250 re-scheduling fee. $50 to re-book your in class model session for any reason.


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Graceful Spotlight Lashes Certification Course

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