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At Cosmopolitan Academy, we want to give our students more than a course to take. We want to give them a career! With our fantastic, comprehensive course bundles, you’ll get all the skills you need to offer the best services to your clients and grow!

Lip Blushing Certification
Tiny Tattoo Certification
Microshading Certification

Instructor Led Via Zoom

Professional Grade Starter Kit + PMU Machine Included 

PMU Marketing Course Included

What’s Included With Your Courses?

  • Professional Grade Premium Kit + PMU Machine$275 Value
  • 3 Course Certifications
    $2500 Value
  • Unlimited Support/ Open Door Policy  Unlimited Value
  • PMU Marketing Course $499 Value
  • Free Access To 1 Hr Business Mentorship Zoom Session $499 Value
  • 1 Year Follow Up Training $1999 Value

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What Styles Will You Learn In This Course?

3 Course Bundle!

Permanent cosmetic training - Cosmopolitan Academy

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is performed using a PMU Machine. Lip Blushing consists of filling in the natural shape of the lips with pigment in a very natural way to give the illusion of a fuller looking lip.

Tiny tattoo course - Cosmopolitan Academy

Tiny Tattoo

Tiny Tattoo consist of small, finer lines allowing more details and making room for script and elegance. The focus will be both straight and curved lines to represent more of the form and outline. Tiny Tattoos are generally under 3” in size. Tiny Tattoo are done using a PMU Machine, not a tattoo gun and use semi-permanent pigments.

Eyebrow training classes near me - Cosmopolitan Academy


Microshading is performed using a the same high end PMU Machine. This technique offers your clients a trendier, powdered, makeup looking brow.

Course Syllabus

  • Online
  1. Course Overview
  2. Brow Introduction
  3. Who is Microshading Good For
  4. Skin Anatomy
  5. Skin Layers
  6. Types Of Skin Conditions
  7. Various Blood Borne Pathogens
  8. Pigment Skin Testing
  9. Colour Theory/Pigment
  10. Hue/Saturation/Value
  11. Colour Wheel Fundamentals
  12. Warm and Cool Pigments
  13. Colour Adjustments
  14. Modifiers
  15. Colour Correcting
  16. Colour Guide
  17. Designing The Eyebrows
  18. Facial Harmony
  19. Face Symmetry
  20. Face Shapes
  21. Mapping/Drawing The Brow
  22. Locating Brow Start/Arch/End
  23. Outlining The Brows
  24. Brow Quad Ratio
  25. Stippling Technique
  26. Hatching Technique
  27. Application
  28. Touch Ups
  29. Pricing/Profit
  30. Client History Files
  31. Client Contraindications
  32. Health and Safety Guidelines
  33. Set Up/Tear Down
  34. FAQ
  35. Aftercare
  36. Client Consultation Forms/Waivers
Hands-On Training
  • Online
  1. Brow Mapping
  2. Colour Theory
  3. Practice Pad
  4. How to use your PMU Machine
  5. Microshading Flow
Model Session
  • Online
  • Live Model Session
  • *Must Have a Portable Massage Table
  • *Must Provide Own Model
  • Online
  1. Course Overview
  2. What Is Lip Blushing
  3. Benefits Of Lip Blushing
  4. What To Expect With Lip Blushing
  5. Skin Anatomy
  6. Layers Of The Skin
  7. Skin Of Our Lips
  8. Colour Theory
  9. Fitzpatrick Scale
  10. Understanding Warm and Cool Tones
  11. Colour Swatching
  12. Ageing Lips
  13. Mature Lips
  14. Wound Healing
  15. Types Of Lip Tattoos
  16. Common Client Occurrences
  17. Lip Filler
  18. Scars
  19. Cold Sores
  20. Stretching Techniques
  21. PMU Cartridges/Speed/Depth
  22. 7 Markings For Pre-Draw
  23. Numbing The Lips
  24. Lip Tattooing Step By Step
  25. Lining The Lips
  26. Shading and Finishing The Lips
  27. Tattoo Migration
  28. Aftercare
  29. Touch Ups
  30. What Your Client Needs To Know Before The Procedure
  31. What Your Client Needs To Know After The Procedure
  32. Pricing and Profit
  33. Contraindications
  34. Health and Safety Guidelines
  35. FAQ
  36. Client History Files
  37. Set Up Procedure
  38. Tear Down Procedure
  39. Client Consultation/Waivers
Hands-On Training
  • Online
  1. Lip Mapping/Pre-Draw
  2. Colour Theory
  3. Practice Pad
  4. How to use your PMU Machine
Model Session
  • Online
  • Live Model Session
  • *Must Have a Portable Massage Table
  • *Must Provide Own Model
  • Online
  1. Course Overview
  2. History Of Tattoos
  3. What Is A Tiny Tattoo
  4. Longevity Of Tiny Tattoo
  5. FAQ
  6. Skin Anatomy
  7. Recognizing and Fixing Blowouts
  8. Working With Colour
  9. Colour Modifier
  10. Pain Sale
  11. Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo
  12. Sanitation and Sterilization Guidelines
  13. Designing A Tiny Tattoo
  14. Tattoo Placement
  15. Prepping The Skin
  16. Placing The Tattoo Stencil
  17. PMU Speed and Depth
  18. Passes Through The Skin
  19. Types Of Shading
  20. Patchy Healing
  21. Tips For Steady Line Work
  22. Tips To Keep Your Hands Steady
  23. Aftercare
  24. Client History
  25. Set Up Procedure
  26. Tear Down Procedure
  27. Client Consultation/Waivers
Hands-On Training
  • Online
  1. Transferring Stencil to Skin
  2. Practice Pad
  3. How to use your PMU Machine
Model Session
  • Online
  • Live Model Session
  • *Must Have a Portable Massage Table
  • *Must Provide Own Model

PMU Marketing Roadmap Included With Every Enrolment ($499 Value!)

Hands-on training and model session available for in-class, live instructor led and private courses only.

Kit Inclusions

Premium Kit Included in Course Cost

  • K7 PMU Machine
  • M1 Needle Cartridge (25)
  • F7 Needle Cartridge (10)
  • R3M Needle Cartridge (15)
  • Brow Pigments (11)
  • Lip Pencil (7)
  • Tattoo Pigment
  • Lip Pencil
  • Tape (2)
  • Practice Pad (3)
  • Micro Swabs (40)
  • Pigment Rings (40)
  • Sleeves (40)
  • Stencil Paper (5)
  • Numbing Agent
  • Measuring Caliper
  • Skin Pencil
  • Surgical Marker

We Want You to Feel  100% Confident
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Exclusive Benefits for Cosmopolitan Students

  • Complimentary Follow Up Training Included: Take The Course As Many Times As You Need For The First Year
  • Free Online Digital Marketing Course Included
  • Professional Grade Kits
  • Globally Recognized Certification That Is Accepted By All Major Insurance Companies
  • First Academy To Ever Offer Business Start Up Funding
  • New Women’s Initiative Scholarship Program
  • Certification Is Immediate Upon Successful Course Completion
  • 15% Off Future Supplies Exclusive Promotional Code
  • Referral Program – Receive $50 Cash For Every Referral Sent
    By You

We are the only reputable training academy recognized by insurance companies who prefer to insure certified professionals that are certified by Cosmopolitan Academy Inc.

Students/technicians are responsible for obtaining information on their local rules and regulations for licensing and permits before offering services.

Deposits / payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE

*Multiple Course Registrations Will Be Sent 1 PMU Machine When Promo Code Is Used

NOTE: $100 re-scheduling fee for a course date change with up to 2 weeks notice. Any changes within 2 weeks of your scheduled course will result in a $250 re-scheduling fee. $50 to re-book your model session for any reason.


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